Update on Border Restrictions

There are now processes in place to facilitate the entry into Canada of the following persons:

  • certain extended family members of Canadian citizens and Canadian permanent residents, including adult children, grandchildren, siblings, and grandparents, as well as those in an exclusive dating relationship of at least 1 year and their dependent children;
  • foreign nationals for compassionate reasons in specific circumstances, such as life-threatening illness, critical injury, or death, with potential limited release from quarantine; and
  • international students as of October 20th, 2020, if they will be attending a designated learning institution that has been identified by its provincial or territorial government as having a COVID‑19 readiness plan in place.

All such travellers must apply for and be issued authorisation before they can travel to Canada. Unless one receives authorisation for limited release from quarantine, all testing, quarantine, and contact information rules continue to apply to all such travellers. Travellers should not make any travel plans until they have met all requirements and obtained all authorisations necessary to enter Canada under the new rules.

Source: https://www.canada.ca/en/immigration-refugees-citizenship/news/2020/10/government-introduces-new-border-measures-to-protect-canadian-public-health-provides-update-on-travel-restrictions.html

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