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Sarah N. Goodman

Helping individuals, families and businesses achieve their immigration goals.

Why Work with Sarah

Unlike many lawyers who practise various areas of law without knowing any particular area very well, Sarah focuses exclusively in the fields of immigration and citizenship law. This allows clients to draw upon a breadth of experience across both practice areas.

Hundreds of Successful Immigration & Citizenship Matters

Sarah has successfully represented clients in various judicial and administrative settings across Canada.

Flexible Levels of Pricing & Service

Choose from a consultation, application review and feedback, or full-service assistance.

A Member of British Columbia’s Longest Established Law Firm

With a continuous presence in British Columbia since 1866.

Skill | Dedication | Experience

Canadian Immigration & Citizenship Lawyer


“I cannot thank you enough for your work, dedication, knowledge and professionalism in bringing me to Canada” – F. H.

Sarah is an experienced citizenship and immigration lawyer who takes great pride in providing her clients with effective legal services. She facilitates the entry of foreign nationals into Canada and their ongoing presence by using a depth of knowledge and expertise acquired during years of legal practice, and has successfully represented clients in various judicial and administrative settings across Canada, including before the Federal Court and Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada.

Sarah’s keen interest in immigration, refugee and citizenship law developed from her family history: her father was a lawyer and Chairperson of the Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada, and her mother’s family immigrated to Canada from Europe through the refugee re-settlement program shortly after the Second World War.

Sarah enjoys working with people from diverse cultures and backgrounds. She appreciates that the decision to immigrate to Canada is an important one, and therefore makes it a priority to ensure that her clients feel at ease throughout the immigration process.

Determining the Right Immigration Pathway for You

Navigating Canada’s immigration and citizenship laws can be a difficult and overwhelming task. Our immigration rules and procedures are complex and continuously changing. Let Sarah facilitate the immigration process by preparing your application and helping you choose the most suitable way to immigrate to or remain in Canada according to your needs and circumstances.

Appeal Successes

Tchernova v. Canada (Citizenship and Immigration)

Parent sponsorship appeal won on humanitarian and compassionate grounds.

Skill | Dedication | Experience

Why Choose an Immigration Lawyer?

Immigration lawyers must attend law school and complete a three-year degree in order to become a lawyer. They must also pass the bar exam in order to become legally registered, and many must undergo an internship period with a law. In addition, most law programs require an undergraduate degree prior to attending law school, which means that lawyers generally have many years of post-secondary

Conversely, immigration consultants are not lawyers. They do not attend law school and generally only undergo a one-year certification program in order to become registered. It is also not necessary for immigration consultants to have completed an undergraduate degree in order to start their certification. As a result, many immigration consultants do not understand the true complexities of Canadian immigration laws.

Don’t put your life, money, and sensitive personal information in the hands of an unknowledgeable and unscrupulous immigration consultant. Let Sarah, a trusted citizenship and immigration lawyer, help you today.


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